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Creating an acoustic guitar track in GarageBand | lynda.com tutorial


This GarageBand tutorial explores how to create an acoustic guitar track project. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/GarageBand-11-tutorials/Essential-Training/84529-2.html?utm_medium=viral&utm_source=youtube&utm_campaign=videoupload-84529-0501

This specific tutorial is just a single movie from chapter five of the GarageBand ’11 Essential Training course presented by lynda.com author Todd Howard. The complete GarageBand ’11 Essential Training course has a total duration of 5 hours and demonstrates the tools and techniques needed to create, edit, and publish music and podcasts

GarageBand ’11 Essential Training table of contents:

1. Getting Up and Running with GarageBand
2. Working with Tracks and Regions
3. Jump-Starting the Recording Process with Magic GarageBand
4. Building a Song from the Ground Up Using Apple Loops
5. Recording Real Instruments
6. Recording Electric Guitar Tracks
7. Recording Software Instruments
8. Completing the Song
9. Mixing and Automating
10. Sharing and Archiving Your Songs, Podcasts, and Projects
11. Other Features