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Top 6 Photo Printing Tips (with Printlab Chicago) | PHLEARN

Today we demystify the photo printing process with help from the experts at Printlab Chicago! Monitor Calibration? Paper? CMYK? DPI? Join Aaron as he sits down with Xander from Printlab to answer your top printing questions. Download our Photo Printing Help Doc: Top 6 Photo Printing Tips! (with Printlab Chicago) Visit Printlab: https://printlab.com/ Follow Printlab […]

How to Cut Out a Person FAST with Select & Mask

Create a Double Exposure in 3 Minutes!

Today we show you how to create a beautiful double exposure effect in only a few minutes! Learn how to use Levels to change a light background into a pure white background and then blend two images together using the magic of Blending Modes. Download the Sample Image: https://phlearn.com/double-exposure-3-minutes-yt00-desc Learn Photoshop Today! https://phlearn.com/learn-photoshop-today-yt00 PHLEARN is […]

How to Cut Out a Person FAST with Select & Mask

What is Non-Destructive Editing? | Photoshop Tutorial | PHLEARN

Today we show you how a non-destructive workflow can help protect your work, save you valuable time, and give you more flexibility than the standard Undo command in Photoshop! Follow along as Aaron Nace edits the same images using two very different workflows–one workflow that’s destructive and one that follows our patented non-destructive PHLEARN method. […]

How to Cut Out a Person FAST with Select & Mask