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Setting Up Archiving

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Archiving allows you to send copies of signed agreements to a specified email address or to an online archiving service. Use it to keep back up copies of your agreements.

Adding Signature and Form Fields, Part 2

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The second in the series. Learn how to use the Text field with validations, to capture dates, SSNs, zip codes, and email addresses, as well as how to make fields mandatory, add tool tips, and align and resize form fie...

Adding Signature and Form Fields, Part 1

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Learn how to add a Signature, Date, Signer Name, Initials, Email, Title, and Company Name field to a document, as well as how to collect information from multiple participants (signers) in a single document.

Setting Reminders

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Learn how to send email reminders to signers letting them know they have a document waiting for their review.

Account Sharing

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Enterprise and Global Customers: Learn how you can gain read-only access to view another user’s agreements from your own account.

Making Changes to a Document Template

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How to edit an existing document template, including making changes to permissions, and how to permanently delete a document template from your library.

Canceling a Transaction‬

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You've sent a document out for signature, but realize you need to cancel it before it's signed. This tutorial explains how.

Introduction to Bulk Signing with MegaSign

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How to send a single document to multiple recipients and get back a separate individually signed copy from each person.

Sign and Send a Document

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How to sign a document and then send it to someone else, using the 'Only I Sign' feature.

Signers with a Shared Email Address

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How to have two or more signers, who share an email address, sign a single document.