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Adobe cs3 indesign kısayolları



Check Spellinq...Cmd+I
Clear - deleteCmd+delete, Del. Cmd+Del
Edit In Story EditorCmd+Y
Find NextOpt+Cmd+F
Paste In PlaceOpt+Shift+Cmd+V
Paste IntoOpt+Cmd+V
Step And Repeat...Shift+Cmd+V
First PageShift+Cmd+PgUp
Go BackCmd+PgUp
Go ForwardCmd+PgDown
Last PageShift+Cmd+PgDown
Next PageShift+PgDown
Next SpreadOpt+PgDown
Previous PageShift+PgUp
Previous SpreadOpt+PgUp
Decrease Size / Scale By 5%Opt+Cmd+,
Increase Size / Scale By 5%Opt+Cmd+.
Nudge DownDown Arrow
Nudge Down 1/10Shift+Cmd+Down Arrow
Nudge Down 1/10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+Cmd+ Down Arrow
Nudge Down DuplicateOpt+Down Arrow
Nudge Down x10Shift+Down Arrow
Nudge Down x10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+Down Arrow
Nudge LeftLeft Arrow
Nudge Left 1/10Shift+Cmd+Left Arrow
Nudge Left 1/10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+Cmd+ Left Arrow
Nudge Left DuplicateOpt+Left Arrow
Nudge Left x10Shift+Left Arrow
Nudge Left x10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+Left Arrow
Nudge RightRight Arrow
Nudge Right 1/10Shift+Cmd+Right Arrow
Nudge Right 1/10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+Cmd+ Right Arrow
Nudge Right DuplicateOpt+Right Arrow
Nudge Right x10Shift+Right Arrow
Nudge Right x10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+ Right Arrow
Nudge Up-Up Arrow
NudgeUp 1/10Shift+Cmd+Up Arrow
Nudge Up 1/10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+Cmd+ Up Arrow
Nudge Up DuplicateOpt+Up Arrow
Nudge Upx10Shift+Up Arrow
Nudge Up x10 DuplicateOpt+Shift+Up Arrow
select All GuidesOpt+Cmd+G
Arrange: Bring ForwardCmd+]
Arrange: Bring To FrontShift+Cmd+]
Arrange: Send BackwardCmd+[
Arrange: Send To BackShift+Cmd+[
Clipping Path...Opt+Shrft+Cmd+K
Compound: MakeCmd+8
drop Shadow...Opt+Cmd+M
Fitting: Centre ContentShift+Cmd+E
Fitting: Fit Content ProportionallyOpt+Shift+Cmd+E
Fitting: Fit Content To FrameOpt+Cmd+E
Fitting: Fit Frame To ContentOpt+Cmd+C
Lock PositionCmd+L
select: First Object AboveOpt+Shift+Cmd+]
select: Last Object BelowOpt+Shift+Cmd+[
select: Next Object AboveOpt+Cmd+]
select: Next Object BelowOpt+Cmd+[
Text Frame Options...Cmd+B
Transform: Move...Shift+Cmd+M
Unlock PositionOpt+Cmd+L
Cell Options: Text...Tables-Opt+Cmd+B
delete: ColumnTables-Shift+delete
delete: RowTables Cmd+delete
insert Table...Text-Opt+Shift+Cmd+T
insert: Column...Tables-Opt+Cmd+9
insert: Row...Tables-Cmd+9
select: CellTables-Cmd+/
select: ColumnTables-Opt+Cmd+3
select: RowTables Cmd+3
select: TableTables-Opt+Cmd+A
Table Options: Table Setup...Opt+Shift+Cmd+B
Move To The Left One WordText-Cmd+Left Arrow
Move To The Next ParagraphText-Cmd +Down Arrow
Move To The Previous Paragraph              Text-Cmd +Up Arrow
Move Riqht One CharacterText-Riqht Arrow
Move Riqht One WordText-Cmd+Riqht Arrow
Move To Start Of The LineText-Home
Move UpTables-Up Arrow
Move Up One LineText-Up Arrow
Normal Horizontal Text ScaleShift+Cmd+X
Normal Vertical Text ScaleOpt+Shift+Cmd+X
Recompose All StoriesOpt+Cmd+/
Replace With Chanqe To TextText-Cmd+F3
Add Anchor Point Tool=
Apply Color,
Apply Default Fill And Stroke ColorsD
Apply Gradient.
Apply None/, Num /
Button ToolB
Convert Direction Point ToolShift+C
delete Anchor Point Tool-
Direct selection ToolA
Ellipse ToolL
Erase Tool[none defined]
Evedropper ToolI
Free Transform ToolE
Gradient ToolG
Hand ToolH
Line Tool
Measure ToolK
Pen ToolP
Pencil ToolN
Rectanqle Frame ToolF
Rectanqle ToolM
Rotate ToolR
Scale ToolS
Scissors ToolC
selection ToolV
Shear ToolO
Smooth Tool[none defined]
Swap Fill And Stroke ActivationX
Swap Fill And Stroke ColorsShift+X
Toqqie Text And Object ControlJ
Toqqie View Between Default And PreviewW
Type On A Path ToolShift+T
Type ToolT
Zoom ToolZ
Actual SizeCmd+1
Entire PasteboardOpt+Shift+Cmd+0
Fit Paqe In WindowCmd+0
Fit Spread In WindowOpt+Cmd+0
Hide Frame EdqesCmd+H
Hide GuidesCmd+;
Hide RulersCmd+R
Hiqh Quality DisplayOpt+Cmd+H
Lock GuidesOpt+Cmd+;
Optimized DisplayOpt+Cmd+O
Overprint PreviewOpt+Shift+Cmd+Y
Show Baseline GridOpt+Cmd+’
Show Document GridCmd+’
Show StructureOpt+Cmd+1
Show Text ThreadsOpt+Cmd+Y
Snap To Document GridShift+Cmd+’
Snap To GuidesShift+Cmd+;
Typical DisplayOpt+Cmd+Z
Zoom In                                 Cmd+=, Cmd+Num +
Zoom OutCmd+-, Cmd+Num -

Eğer PC kullanıcısı iseniz o zaman Cmd yerine Ctrl, Opt yerine Alt tuşlarını kullanmalısınız.

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