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Photoshop Trick: Fixing Noise in Long Exposure Images

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Here's how I used another photo from the same location to fix the noise in one part of my image. This works surprisingly well, and it's super-easy to do. If you want to get really good at Photoshop, we have full-len...

Beginner’s Breakthrough

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Scott's Kelby's live Webinar for photographer beginner's - it's called "Beginner's Breakthrough. It's free and you can watch it right here:

The Most Awesome Photoshop Feature You’re Not Using

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I made this video for you today, to talk about a feature Adobe added not long along to Photoshop CC, but I talk to people all the time who have no idea it's there, and so, of course, they're not using it. In fact, I c...

(Note: No Audio) Demo of how Lightroom Presets Now Show a Full Size Preview

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This is video supporting a blog post from Scott Kelby's "Lightroom Killer Tips" blog about how in the current Lightroom Classic version 7.3 Adobe snuck in the ability to see a full-screen preview of any preset (first ...

Lightroom Classic Start to Finish B&W Tutorial (using the new B&W Profiles)

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Lightroom Classic Start to Finish B&W Tutorial (using the new B&W Profiles) This one is for Intermediate level Lightroom Classic users on up - it moves at an intermediate speed and level, and assumes you alre...

2-1/2 Awesome Photoshop Tricks For Removing Distracting Stuff

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So, I was working in Photoshop on a splash screen for a Lightroom tutorial for and I ran into a few problems along the way, and the fixes worked out so well, I thought I needed to share ...

Here’s what the Photoshop World Conference is Like (coming June 2018)

213 Views0 Comments This is a quick look at what the upcoming Photoshop World Conference (Orlando, FL May 31-June 2, 2018) is all about, set to some peppy royalty-free music. Oh yeah, it's peppy! The conferen...

Renaming Your Lightroom Photos With Names That Make Sense

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A video tip from the KelbyOne site, - this one is now to quickly rename your photos, replace those generic camera-generated numbers with names that make sense. If you're really serious ...

A Brochure Disaster: Photoshop To The Rescue

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So a friend sends me a photo he took with his iPhone of the first Photoshop World Conference brochure ever (held back in 1999) and his photo was a mess. I used Photoshop (and some slick Lens tricks) to bring the broch...

Intermediate Level Lightroom Tutorial: From Start Image to Final

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This tutorial, from is for intermediate-level Lightroom users and takes you from the RAW image straight out of the camera through to the final image, and you see all the steps along the ...