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Adding Signature and Form Fields, Part 1

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Learn how to add a Signature, Date, Signer Name, Initials, Email, Title, and Company Name field to a document, as well as how to collect information from multiple participants (signers) in a single document.

Canceling a Transaction‬

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You've sent a document out for signature, but realize you need to cancel it before it's signed. This tutorial explains how.

User Account Set Up

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This tutorial details the recommended first steps to get your user account ready to use; verifying your profile information, choosing your signature option, and setting up notifications.

Lose the paper, win the candidates: Adobe EchoSign for HR

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Electronic signatures from Adobe EchoSign help HR organizations win the talent war. Streamline your HR processes to cut down on paperwork, save time, reduce errors, increase compliance and improve employee and candida...

Adobe EchoSign: E-signatures you Trust

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Don't fall prey to the horrors of slow, costly signature processes. Say goodbye to inky nightmares forever with Adobe EchoSign — the secure e-signature solution from the company that invented Acrobat and PDF. Companie...

Adobe EchoSign for Sales Professionals

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A short presentation on how Adobe EchoSign can help sales professionals change the game for your company and your business partners, and move your business into the fast lane.

EchoSign for Salesforce

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Adobe® EchoSign® for Salesforce™ - the #1 rated eSignature application, AppExchange Customer Choice Award 4 Years in a Row! View screenshots showing signature options, complete audit trail history, Salesforce data mer...

Groupon and Adobe EchoSign: Web Contracting 2012

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Chris Bland, Finance Manager, North American Operations, speaking at the Adobe EchoSign Web Contracting '12 event

EchoSign Summer Release ‘ 12: New Feature Video — Adobe Digital Certification

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Now, all PDF files sent or downloaded from EchoSign will be certified with an Adobe EchoSign Digital Certificate. When you see the blue "certified" bar, you have that extra bit of assurance that a file is the real de...

EchoSign Summer Release ‘ 12: New Feature Video — Conditional Data Fields

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This feature lets you either show or hide fields based on the data entered during signing. So imagine that you have geographic conditions: all people in the U.S. need to provide certain info, and all people outside th...