Photoshop Katman Stilleri Kullanımı

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Eğitim setinin devamı için;

01. Maya #1 Kurulum ve Giriş – Hoşgeldiniz

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CPanel’de Subdomain Oluşturmak

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Bu derste cpanele girip subdomain oluşturacağız. Öncelikle cpanele giriyoruz. Adresi herkesin kendi domainine ait ismin sonuna cpanel ekleyerek bulabilirsiniz.

02. Çeşitli Şapka Formlarını İnceleme

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Fireworks’te Baştan Sona Web Site Tasarımı (Logo ve Üst Menü)

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Bu dersimizde Fireworks'te baştan sona bir eğitim sitesi tasarımı yapacağız.

Fireworks’te Banner Yapımı

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Fireworks nedir? Kısaca ve özet olarak Web Tasarım aracıdır. Dolayısıyla biz de bu dersimizde sitemiz için banner tasarlayacağız. Normal standartlarda bir banner nasıl yapılır? Hangi Fireworks araçları kullanılarak ya...

08. Mudbox ile İnorganik Modelleme – Hoşçakalın

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İş Hayatında ve Sosyal Yaşamda Zarafet

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12445-Patrick Palmer-Structuring-final_1.mp4

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Sr. Product Manager Patrick Palmer shares two approaches to structing your grade in SpeedGrade CS6.

What’s New in Adobe InDesign CC

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Terry White, Adobe worldwide evangelist, shows you the exciting new features in InDesign CC, including the new dark UI, an improved New Document dialog box, and font menu enhancements that make searching for fonts eas...


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http://fundaop.comOne of the things I've been working on over the last year is the new Artists Series. The first in this series was completed and release last month. It is a documentary on Los Angeles-based photogra...

How to save image collections in Adobe Bridge |

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This tutorial describes how to save an image collection in Adobe Bridge for later use in Photoshop. Watch more at

Doms 100 MegaPixel Panorama tour of Edinburgh

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shot with the Fuji S5proWhat camera stuff I recommend, Don't forget I have 2 other Channels here, My Exercise channel and my DomTalk...

Everyday Timesavers: Design

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Adobe Design Evangelist Rufus Deuchler shows you how to save time and money with the coolest new features in Creative Suite 4 Design Premium.

Infinity Gauntlet #4 Secret Wars Recap & Review

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Please LIKE/SHARE this video if you enjoyed the content Provided!Subscribe @ you Watch CBC and would like to show us that you support us Please Hit the Like Button, it take...

How To Edit Faster in Audition CS6

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Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine shows how to edit faster and more efficiently in Audition CS6.

Loading and Conforming Material in SpeedGrade CS6

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Sr. Product Manager Patrick Palmer shows three different ways to load and conform material in SpeedGrade CS6.

CGI VFX Showreels HD: “Digital Intermediate Reel” – by Cutting Edge

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Check out this fantastic "Digital Intermediate Reel" by the talented team at Cutting Edge! For more information, please see the details below:Music Track - "John 00 Fleming-340 Million Pixels"

How to Stylize a Magazine Cover in Photoshop

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In today's episode, we show you how to stylize a magazine cover in Photoshop!Getting StartedWe start today's episode off by pulling in an image from This image will serve as our magazine cover. Afte...

Karl Taylor – Product Photography Hack!

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I love my broncolor studio lights but recently I've been accused of only making great pictures because of my equipment. Let's see what I can do with just four table top desk lamps instead!See the professional versio...

What’s New in SpeedGrade CS6

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Sr. Product Manager Patrick Palmer shares what's new in SpeedGrade CS6.

How to Use Audition in Your Video Workflow

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Learn the tips and tricks to use Auditon CS6 in your post.