11. Portfolyo Tasarımı 10 Temel Nokta Yayın Hazırlığı

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27. Windows Menü

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06. Üçgen ve Koni Çizimi

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Jquery: Çarpıcı Fotograf Galerisi

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Jquery ile web sitelerimizi daha dinamik daha canlı hale getirebiliyor, bu şekilde daha çok ziyaretçi çekebiliyoruz. Bu derste Jquery ile çarpıcı fotoğraf galerisi olan "Thumbnails Navigation Gallery" inceleyeceğiz.

06. Retouch Teknikleri Saçı Dekupe Etmek

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Moda ve reklam çekimlerinde fotoğraflar üzerinde bir çok doku yenilemesi ve ışıklandırma ve renklendirme uygulamaları yapılmaktadır. Tabi bunları yaparkende dünya standardı olan Adobe Photoshop’u kullanıyoruz. Bu vide...

3Ds Max: Görüntüye Model Oturtmak

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Gerçek bir resim üzerine 3ds max ile model oturtmak.Gerçekçi ışıklar ile.

09. İş Deneyimi Bölümü

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Adobe Photoshop – Katman Görünürlük Özelliklerini Öğrenin!

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Adobe Photoshop CC kitabı yazarı ve Videmy eğitmenlerinden Özge Mardi'den Katman Görünürlüğünü öğrenin. DAHA FAZLA: Website : http://www.videmy.com Blog : http://blog.videmy.com

Suite to Creative Cloud for Web – Focus on Edge, PhoneGap, HTML Exporter and more.mp4

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In this video Paul Trani shows the power of web standards in tools like Dreamweaver CS6, Adobe Edge Preview, and the ability to export HTML5 content from Flash Professional CS6.

Photoshop Top 40 #3 – Image Size

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The essential Image Size command lets you scale an image on screen or in print. In this week's Photoshop Top 40 Countdown episode, Deke explains resampling and resolution, both of which affect the core quality of digi...

BADLY damaged wedding photo SAVED!

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Watch me restore this bride's wedding photo! Get your own photo restored: http://photoshopsurgeon.net/makeover-retouch.html Business Contact: [email protected] Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Pho...

Using the Content Collector Tool in InDesign CS6

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Adobe Design Evangelist Terry White shows how to use the Content Collector tool InDesign CS6.

Using Warp Stabilizer in Premiere Pro CS6

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Product Manager Al Mooney shows how to use the Warp Stabilizer effect in Adobe Premiere Pro CS6 to not just smooth the motion footage but to remove motion artifacts that would otherwise remain after stabilization.

What’s New in Adobe Muse CC

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Dani Beaumont, Adobe Muse group product manager, shows you how to allow site owners to make simple updates to published sites hosted with Adobe Business Catalyst, how to create stunning 3D-like effects, and other new ...

Infinity Gauntlet #4 Secret Wars Recap & Review

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Please LIKE/SHARE this video if you enjoyed the content Provided! Subscribe @ http://www.youtube.com/ComicBookCast2 If you Watch CBC and would like to show us that you support us Please Hit the Like Button, it take...

What’s New in Audition CS6

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Adobe Evangelist Jason Levine shows what's new in Audition CS6 including session templates, the new media browser, and clip time stretching.

Word: Understanding the interface | lynda.com

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This specific tutorial is a single movie from chapter one of the Word 2007 Essential Training course presented by lynda.com author David Rivers. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/Office-2007-tutorials/word-2007-essen...

Working with .Looks in SpeedGrade CS6

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Sr. Product Manager Patrick Palmer shows how to work with the .looks files in SpeedGrade CS6.

Bride’s Entrance at Mahndi An Indian Wedding in Brampton

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Bride's Entrance at Mahndi An Indian Wedding in Brampton. The video of the Bride's Entrance at Mahndi An Indian Wedding in Brampton was recorded by the videographer of Forever Video. For more video and photo samples...

Creating and linking HTML and CSS files | lynda.com tutorial

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This Aptana Studio tutorial explores how to create and link HTML and CSS files. Watch more at http://www.lynda.com/jQuery-1-5-tutorials/Create-an-Interactive-Map-with-jQuery/87636-2.html?utm_medium=viral&utm_sourc...

Using the New Adjustment Layers in Premiere Pro CS6

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Product Manager Al Mooney shows how to apply adjustment layers, similar to those in After Effects and Photoshop, to apply effects and have the effects automatically modify all of the underlying tracks.