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Rotate, crop, and adjust images in Camera Raw


Rotate images Straighten images Crop images Remove red-eye Remove spots

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Rotate images



Click the Rotate Image 90° Counter Clockwise button image (or press L). Click the Rotate Image 90° Clockwise button image (or press R).

Note: Using commands in the Edit menu, you can also rotate images in Adobe Bridge without opening the Camera Raw dialog box.

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Straighten images

1. In the Camera Raw dialog box, select the Straighten tool (image in Creative Cloud and image in Creative Suite 6). Alternatively, press the A key.

2. Drag the Straighten tool in the preview image to baseline horizontal and vertical.

Note: The Crop tool becomes active immediately after you use the Straighten tool.

Automatically straighten an image | Creative Cloud only


You can automatically straighten an image in one of the following three ways: Double-click the Straighten tool (image) in the toolbar.


With the Straighten tool selected, double-click anywhere in the preview image.


With the Crop tool selected, press the Command key (on Mac) or Ctrl key (on Windows) to temporarily switch to the Straighten tool. Now, double-click anywhere within the preview image.

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Crop images

1. In the Camera Raw dialog box, select the Crop tool image (or press C).

To constrain the initial crop area to a specific aspect ratio, hold the mouse button down as you select the Crop tool image and choose an option from the menu. To apply a constraint to a previously applied crop, Ctrl-click (Mac OS) or right-click (Windows) on the crop.

2. Drag in the preview image to draw the crop area box.

3. To move, scale, or rotate the crop area, drag the crop area or its handles.


Note: To cancel the crop operation, press Esc with the Crop tool active, or click and hold the Crop tool button and choose Clear Crop from the menu. To cancel the crop and close the Camera Raw dialog box without processing the camera raw image file, click the Cancel button or deselect the Crop tool and press Esc.

4. When you are satisfied with the crop, press Enter (Windows) or Return (Mac OS).

The cropped image resizes to fill the preview area, and the workflow options link under the preview area displays the updated image size and dimensions.

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Remove red-eye

1. Zoom the image in to at least 100%.

2. In the toolbar, select the Red Eye Removal tool image (or press E).

3. Drag a selection in the photo around the red eye.

Camera Raw sizes the selection to match the pupil. You can adjust the size of the selection by dragging its edges.

4. In the tool options under the Histogram, drag the Pupil Size slider to the right to increase the size of the area corrected.

5. Drag the Darken slider to the right to darken the pupil area within the selection and the iris area outside the selection.

Deselect Show Overlay to turn off the selection and check your correction.

Note: Move between multiple selected red eye areas by clicking the selection.

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Remove spots

The Spot Removal tool image lets you repair a selected area of an image with a sample from another area.

1. Select the Spot Removal tool image from the toolbar.

2. Select one of the following from the Type menu:

Heal Matches the texture, lighting, and shading of the sampled area to the selected area.

Clone Applies the sampled area of the image to the selected area.

3. (Optional) In the tool options under the Histogram, drag the Radius slider to specify the size of the area that the Spot Removal tool affects.

4. Move the Spot Removal tool into the photo and click the part of the photo to retouch. A red-and-white dashed circle appears over the selected area. The green-and-white dashed circle designates the sampled area of the photo used to clone or heal.

5. Do any of the following:



To specify the sampled area, drag inside the green-and-white circle to move it to another area of the image.


To specify the selected area being cloned or healed, drag inside the red-and-white circle.


To adjust the size of the circles, move the pointer over the edge of either circle until it changes to a double-pointing arrow, and then drag to make both circles larger or smaller.


To cancel the operation, press Backspace (Windows) or Delete (Mac OS).

Repeat this procedure for each area of the image that needs retouching. To remove all sample areas and start over, click the Clear All button in the tool options.


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